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Advance was a six month project. We made excellent headway, but we knew from the start that the programme would represent just one step in a much bigger and longer journey; in itself it would not be a solution. Inequalities that have been years in the making require more than a few short months to reverse!

What Advance did do was scratch the surface of an array of extraordinarily fascinating conversations and questions, some of which were prompted by the 11 theatres, and some by the theatre-makers that took part in the research. There are so many grey areas, conundrums, possibilities, and innovations waiting to happen and of course, many of these go beyond gender alone, but are about how we as an industry can achieve a workforce, artistic output, and audience that genuinely reflects 21st century Britain.

Advance sparked a lot of questions – including some quite thorny ones – many of which we are only at the beginning of engaging with. The chart below is an illustration of some of the conversations we, and hopefully others, might want to now pursue.

Big questions